For many years before it was absorbed into what we now know as Leicester, Belgrave was a separate, thriving village, complete with its own schools, shops and factories.

   Most of the everyday needs of the village could be supplied very locally, from farms, allotments and market gardens; and bulkier goods would arrive by road, waterway, or later, by railway. The village also had a number of places of worship, all of which played an important part in the lives of the people of Belgrave. The oldest building was, and still is, the church of St Peter’s in Church Road. This 11th century building has been the cornerstone of life, both religious and secular, for the former village of Belgrave, and for years it marked the arrivals and departures of many generations of local families.

   Declared redundant and closed in 2010, the former church of St Peter's, Belgrave has stood empty, largely forgotten and ignored by many. And for the last ten years the building has been at the mercy of the weather and the occasional attack by vandals; and it faces a very uncertain future.

   One of the aims of the Trust is to throw St Peter’s a lifeline by bringing the current state of St Peter’s to the attention of a much wider audience. We are not yet in a position to protect and repair the building ourselves, but we can lobby those organisations who may be in a position to influence the future of the former St Peter’s church.

   We are also hoping to help find a new use for the building which will ensure, once again, that it has a useful part to play in the community. We know the City Council shares our concern that St Peter’s is the only historic former parish church in Leicester which has not yet found a new lease of life. We believe we can work together with them, or any other organisation which shares our concerns, to put this right.