“I were married there!” – a new display for June 2023

Our new wedding-themed display is now open in the Old Laundry at Belgrave Hall. Featuring photographs of weddings in Belgrave (many at St. Peter’s) and information about the people in the photographs, the display is complemented by the display of a wedding dress featured in one of the photographs – come and see the display […]

Our Guest Speaker for May – FELICITY AUSTIN

As part of our forthcoming month-long exhibition at Belgrave Hall entitled “I WERE MARRIED THERE”, our first talk at Cross Corners for 2023 was given by Felicity Austin. The subject of Felicity’s talk was “100 Years of Weddings” – a subject that, at first glance, may not have appealed to the gentlemen in the audience. […]

Centenary of the Death of Margaret Ellis of Belgrave Hall

Following the death of John Ellis  in 1862, his daughters continued to live at Belgrave Hall. On Friday 30th March, 1923, Margaret Ellis (the last surviving Ellis sister) died at home in the Hall. Three days later, on Easter Monday (the 2nd April) she was taken to Belgrave Cemetery to be laid alongside her sisters. […]