Belgrave War Memorials

Belgrave War Memorials

From the smallest village to large cities like Leicester, the men killed in both World Wars – and often other conflicts – were commemorated not only on public memorials, but in factories, working men’s clubs, offices and churches. Unfortunately, as these institutions were closed, the memorials have often been destroyed without any thought of what they represent.

The Leicester City, County & Rutland At Risk War Memorials Project was founded with the aim of either encouraging the preservation “in situ” of as many memorials as possible, or the retrieval of the memorial for safekeeping and display in the chancel of All Saints church on Highcross street in Leicester..

Following a visit to their open day on the 18th November by Carolyn and Andy, Denis Kenyon provided us with five of their high-quality photographs relating to Belgrave for display on the Trust website.

St. Peter’s has two memorials to men of Belgrave who gave their lives: one for the Boer war and one for the First World War

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