The Church Tower

The Church Tower

The church tower is at the West end of the church. The base of the tower is Norman, with later additions to raise it to its current height. In the 15th century a wooden spire was added, which was removed after it was struck by lightening in 1864.

On the North face of the tower is a diamond-shaped piece of slate – this is the face of the original church clock clock, installed in 1779 by a Mr. Bird at the cost of £24 10s (£24 and fifty pence).

In 1889 a new clock was installed in the belfry. This impressive timepiece was erected by J.B. Joyce & co. of Whitchurch in Shropshire at the cost of £59.12s and 8pence (£59 63 pence).

J.B. Joyce & co. were a prominent company who produced large clocks for both churches and public buildings including the well-known Eastgate Clock in Chester (1899).

Funding for the new clock was provided by a bequest left by Rev. Richardson (d. 1887).

The tower houses eight bells (see article “The Bells”).