The Annual General Meeting – April 2023

The Annual General Meeting – April 2023

On Saturday 22nd April 2023 the Trust held the 2023 AGM at the Village Hall in Birstall.

5 of the 7 Trustees were in attendance – Richard Norburn, Carolyn Hindocha, Sandra Moore, Nick Fathers and John Dixey. Apologies were received from Andy Warren and Jayne Cordiner. There were 11 members and 4 non members present.

The Chairman, Richard Norburn, gave his report of the Trust’s activities in 2022 followed by the Financial report given by the Secretary, Carolyn Hindocha.

The Trust constitution states that one-third of the existing trustees have to stand down each year but are eligible for re-election. Richard Norburn, Nick Fathers and Andy Warren stood down and were nominated for re-election. In addition, it was reported that Jayne Cordiner had decided to retire from the Board of trustees and would not stand for re-election, and that a new candidate, Christine Warren, had been nominated for election as a Trustee. Following a secret ballot, all four were elected as Trustees.

After the meeting, an interesting talk entitled “Down the garden path” was given by David Bell, which was then followed by refreshments.

Anyone requiring a detailed report of the AGM should contact the Secretary: